Jewelry Repair

Perhaps the single most sought after service Burque Jewelers provides our customers is our exceptional jewelry repair. For over nine decades we have fixed, repaired and redesigned jewelry to very exacting standards. Paying attention to detail is the hallmark of our service and commitment to you.

Our staff takes the extra time to record each detail and listen to each customers’ concerns. We make recommendations and suggestions that will improve a piece and/or save you money. In some cases, we may even suggest that the expense of the repair may not be worth it.

Sentiment, however, is a major part of most jewelry repairs. We have repaired items that are several hundred years old, as well as engagement rings that were passed down from great grandmothers. Every piece is handled with exceptional care and respect.

All of our repairs are done by master craftsmen in studios off premise. Each piece of jewelry is hand carried to and from their studio to ensure proper care. We personally communicate your wishes to the goldsmith and assess the quality after the work is done.

We utilize a double log system to assure security and prevent loss. If requested, Diamonds are tested, fully measured and weighed (if loose) and inclusions are identified to verify you get back the same stone you gave us. All gold is weighed and identified.

We will not accept repair assignments for promotional quality jewelry that is of such poor quality that repairing it will not improve its current condition.

Key Benefits

  • Repairs are done right the first time.
  • Repairs are accurately performed while paying particular attention to detail.
  • Repairs are of consistent high quality.
  • We respect your personal belongings no matter what their value.
  • No job is too small or too big.
  • All jobs are carefully monitored through every stage by our staff.
  • All jobs are fully insured.

Our Capabilities

Our gold and silver smiths are experienced professionals that have practiced their trade as second and third generation craftsmen. Our pearl and bead professionals do nothing but pearls and beads. Our Diamond cutter and lapidary are expert cutters that provide extremely precise work and are well respected throughout New England.

  • Repair or restore all gold jewelry.
  • Repair or restore all platinum jewelry.
  • Repair or restore silver jewelry (limited).
  • Pearls and beads are restrung, or redesigned.
  • Re-cutting of diamonds and other precious gemstones.
  • Re-polishing of chipped diamonds with minimal of weight loss.

Our Process… what you can expect.

  • Each job is given individual attention by our staff .
  • Each item is meticulously recorded. All items and conditions are identified and measured. Pearls are individually counted. You are given a written copy of what you give to us.
  • You will receive a written estimate and we will guarantee that price. NO UNPLEASANT SURPRISES! If your cost is more than 10% higher than our estimate, we will call you for your approval before proceeding. If the cost is lower than our estimate we simply charge you less.
  • Each job is given a unique number and is tracked by name and by date.
  • All jobs are hand carried to and from the appropriate trade shop by our staff. We never use a courier service. On very rare occasions we will use USPS Registered mail. Silver re-plating is sent by UPS.
  • Upon return to our shop all jobs are inspected for accuracy and quality. If the work does not meet up to our high standards the job is returned for rework. When you get your jewelry back it will be done right and in accordance to your instructions.
  • After we log off your job, we will give you a call.